Thursday, May 17, 2012

Payten and her daddy on Valentines day 2011. She loves her Rose, can you tell?!

I love this picture. They both have such a difficult time sharing with each other!
These make me laugh. Paige did her hair with just about ALL of Nonnies clips for Gracie(the dog)!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Pics

Here are our Famiy Pictures. Thanks Shauna!! I am excited, they are the first nice pictures since we were married 14 1/2 yrs ago!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Polar Express

Payten had a BLAST at the Polar express and so did we!! Hopefully we can do it again before she gets to old. It was so magical and wonderful. It was the frist time on a train too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daddys Birthday

Daddy and Payten. I think she thought it was her birthday. She had to blow out the candle.
No. She is not eating this cupcake, she is frosting it!

Can you tell which ones she frosted??

How did her face get so dirty when she was JUST frosting the cupcakes?!

AHHHHHH!! That is why. She had to lick the knife clean every time before she could get more frosting!! Makes since to me!! Needless to say we did not have anyone over to eat cupcakes with us, just a nice quiet evening with our little family!! The rest of the cupcakes got thrown away. I figured not one would want licked on cupcakes:) But she sure had TONS OF FUN!!

Halloween 2010

Payten had so much fun this Halloween. She was very excited to be a Nice and pretty witch!! We did trunk or treating at the church Saturday night and she had a BLAST(and Uncle Brett stopeed by)!! Then on Halloween she got to hand out candy. She was SOOOOO excited to answer the door and see everyone. She got so excited about every ones costumes, it was so cute! It is fun that she is growing up and excited about all of the holidays. I remember not too long ago when Holidays were no fun! Glad i have my little angel to make things WONDERFUL!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Beautiful Girl

Its been a while since I posted pics. Thought I would post some recent pics just before Halloween. I bought 3 barrel curling iron for her hair. She loves it when I use it. I think she is stink'n CUTE!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Here is our Hawaii Trip. Things might be out of order but I will just say what the pics are.

Here is the condo we stayed at on Turtle Bay(north shore Oahu)
Here are the 4 of us. Me, Linus, Dawniel and Jon. We had so much fun with them!

We stopped by the temple on the way to the condo when we first got there. It was BEAUTIFUL! Linus picked the yellow flower and put it in my hair and then we took a picture of me to send to Payten! I was already missing her and we had just got there!!!

PCC (Polynesian cultural center)

Dinner at the PCC

This the first beach we came to on our way to our condo.

Here is one of the turtles we saw scuba diving. They were awesome!

Another turtle.

Another one. I like his shell. Looks pretty!

Linus by the turtle when scuba diving

More turtles

Linus and Jon at Sandy Beach. The water was sooooo sandy because it was so tough, hence the name. They were covered in sand just from the water! Dawniel and I did not even think of going in!!

We thought this was a pretty look out!

Me and my love scuba diving, GREAT fun!!

Two of our dives we went through a bunch of tunnels, it was pretty cool

More tunnels.

This video is cool. Kind of looks like the turtle is small, but it is HUGE!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


These pics are out of order, Oh well!! It pored on her birthday so they all decided to go running in the rain screaming and laughing!!

Mom(Mimi), Abby and Payten

Payten's 3rd birthday party. She had so much fun!!

This is right before we sang Happy Birthday and she was looking at the 30ish people looking at her!!

Mariah and Mackenzie.

Summer and Raegan.

She was a little overwhelmed. I think she had yelled at Cash and Tacey right before this. Looks like they were keeping their distance!!